JM Tiling & Stone is one of the leading tiling experts of Melbourne. Our company is ready to provide our clients with various types of services related to this field. Our versatile and effective service range can fulfil your tiling and stoning needs easily. Irrespective of the types of the building or the location, we can offer you the most reliable and affordable tiling as your Reliable Wall and Floor Tile Contractor in the city. Be it Commercial, Industrial, Domestic, Retail – JM Tiling & Stone is available for all.

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Wall And Floor Tiling

When it comes to tiling, property owners want to have a comprehensive service from the tiler. Being experienced wall and floor tilers, our experts are available for both internal and external tiling – it can be your walls or floors. No matter whether it is your home or office or a showroom; you can expect to get the best craftsmanship from our experts as per your desire.

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External Façade Cladding & Mechanical Fixing

Façade Cladding is not meant to bear the load of any other structure except their own. Hence, it is important to develop these non-load bearing panels very carefully. Our experts have the experience and training for this type of jobs. They can perfectly carry on the task of mechanical fixing while building the walls and the floors of your building.

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Pedestal Tiling System

This is one of the most advanced and useful systems of creating raised floors on green grass, balconies, roofs or other areas with the help of tiles or timbers. When you are looking for the best tilers in Melbourne for this service, please call us. JM Tiling & Stone can offer you affordable and accurate pedestal tiling for your commercial, retail, industrial and residential buildings.

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Self-Levelling Compound Application

Do you want to make your wooden or concrete floors smooth and fine? Well, we can help you with our superior self-levelling compound application. This is one of the most popular ways to smoothen the wood or concrete floors. There are various commercial buildings where this application is highly required. It is also ideal for filling dips in wooden floors in your home or office.

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Being your most reliable tiling contractor in Melbourne, we not only install tiles but ensure their durability and safety. Thus, we offer advanced waterproofing solutions for our clients for their wall and floor tiles as per the demand of the situation. Our experts can understand where the tiles must have such kind of treatment to stay damage-free. They act according to that. Places like bathroom and shower areas need most care from water damage. We can use the latest waterproofing solution for those spaces.

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Floor Preparation Or Grinding

When you wish to change the old floors of your building and get a new one, then the very first thing you need to do is to remove the old floor coating completely. Then you need to smooth the bumps and try to level the unevenness of the floor so that the new one can be settled on that surface easily. We can help you in the process of floor preparation or grinding. We use the latest tools to grind the concrete which has the most aggressive types of blades to remove the thin floor coatings.

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Sand And Cement Screeding

To obtain a smooth and fine finish on your concrete floors, you can try sand and cement screeding. Our experts have deep knowledge about cement screeding and can perform the task perfectly. When you do not want to use tiles on the floors but need something smooth and fine under your feet, then you can try this process to make your concrete floor as smooth as it can be.



The tiling experts of JM Tiling & Stone can easily seal the joints on the floor and wall tiles with the help of caulk or caulking. If there are leakages in various tiles then the risk of getting damage becomes higher. There can be insects, water, dust and other components that enter inside those gaps and damage the tiles slowly. But we can ensure the right treatment for this issue by caulking.

Epoxy Grouting

Epoxy Grouting

These types of materials are made from a kind of filler powder and epoxy resins. Unlike the cementitious grout and epoxy emulsion grout, this one is very hard and durable. We can use this product for your tiles to ensure their durability and strength.



As a complete service provider and tilling contractor, we can help you in paving as well. Be it your commercial property or retail ones – you can hire our experts for creating concrete or stone pavements. We are always available for your pavement construction in Melbourne. Call us and tell us your requirements.